Deeper Intelligence

Go within, until the inner and the outer merge and you can go beyond the conditioned”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is a deeper intelligence within each of us – beyond intellectual intelligence, beyond the measurable (such as IQ), and beyond conceptual intelligence. Deeper intelligence speaks of a deep consciousness, awareness and wisdom that is always present.

There are many ways to sense this deep pool of wisdom – through exploration of our feelings, our somatic (body) experiences, uncensored self-expression, and the unearthing/acknowledgement of our deepest gifts, to name a few.

I am not certain who first coined the phrase ‘deeper intelligence’. My first exposure to this concept came through my early work with Stewart Cubley, one of the teachers for whom I am eternally greatful*. 

I gravitated towards deeper intelligence because it felt open and not associated with any particular doctrine, and I have found most people do not have historical memories associated with it. I learned through Stewart that there is a deeper intelligence within our feelings – and how to hear and trust it. This concept became (and still is) an invaluable part of my work and life every day.

I feel fortunate to have had many teachers and mentors who have made significant contributions to my evolution. More on that here.

Through our work together, I am most interested in helping you to deepen the quality of your inner life experiences and to ease your suffering. My primary role is to help you remove that which separates you from your deeper intelligence – the truth of who you are.

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Through a process

that is ‘collaboratively curious’, somatic, and based on insights, our work together will support you in:

  • unearthing and recognizing the deeper intelligence of the creative force within you
  • helping you to find the courage to follow the wisdom of your deeper intelligence
  • uncovering your deepest gifts and healing your deepest wounds
  • exploring and improving your relationship with trust
  • introducing you to radical presence – the power of being fully present –
    a crucial practice in my work as your mentor and in my day-to-day life.

Gifts vs Skills

Embedded in our gifts is a wisdom beyond the thinking mind that skills do not necessarily contain. While both gifts and skills are important, my philosophy is that gifts are of another dimension. I believe this is what makes my work as powerful as it is.

Our deepest gifts and wounds are intrinsic in my work.

Gifts and Wounds

Your innate gifts are your points of deepest sensitivity. As is often the case for many of us, long ago early wounding ‘eclipsed’ our gifts – concealing and leaving them dormant. To find your gifts, it is necessary to identify the things that touch you and hurt you most deeply. My focus in our work will not be on teaching you how to ‘fix yourself’ but in opening up a space to reveal all that you truly are. 

As you rediscover your precious gifts, and hold them with tenderness and compassion, the reclamation process begins. When you learn to express and lead with your greatest gifts, your life shifts. You move closer to joy, closer to love, closer to the state of being that has eluded you. This is hard to accomplish alone. Having your gifts recognized by another gives them the nourishment to become visible and expressive. I had the privilege of learning about the concept and exquisite benefits of gifts and wounds from working with Ken Page, renowned psychotherapist and author.

The Gifts I Bring to Our Work

  • Compassion 
  • The acceptance of ‘what is’ (+ meeting you where you are)
  • Total commitment to truth
  • Radical presence
  • Curiosity without judgement
  • The ability to create emotional safety
  • Insight
  • Connection on a deep level
  • Creativity and Art
  • Sensitivity

Deeper Intelligence and our Feelings

We are taught many things about our feelings – the how, the when, the why, the who; what is good, what is bad, the rejection of our feelings, judgement, suppression, resistance. We are taught not to feel them, how to hide them, how to present them appropriately, and how to lie to ourselves about our feelings.

So many of us are not taught respect and honor for our feelings. We are not led to see the wisdom they can reveal – to know the deeper intelligence contained within.

Finding one’s deepest gifts is impossible without respecting feelings. Very often, our gifts are suppressed because of painful wounding in the areas of our gifts.   

Safe and Intimate Space for Self-Expression

In my work with you, my intention is to create a safe and intimate space where your deepest aspects of self can emerge. A place where you can give voice to those aspects you might otherwise be too afraid or too self-conscious to allow.

The benefits of self-expression are often exponential. When you express yourself in ways that come from within, you are likely to improve your self-esteem and enrich your confidence and curiosity, rather than being overtaken by anxiety and judgment.

It is you who is at the center, and the work creates a ‘ripple effect’, like a pebble in a pond. Little by little, this deepening of consciousness is what will lead you to a life more in alignment with your deepest self.

Having a safe place for the exploration and experimentation of self is of vital importance.

In my mentoring practice, I will gently and compassionately encourage your discoveries in support of the cultivation of courage for the emergence of your truest self in the world.

How Do I know this Work is for Me?

  • You are frustrated with not being able to find your purpose despite reading an endless amount of books and taking numerous courses. You know there is more.

  • You have a good job that you are told you’re lucky to have, but it feels unsatisfying, and you think you may not be where you belong. You sense deep down there is more for you to do; you feel called to something different. Do you ignore it and keep going? Or do you pay attention?

  • Does someone tell you they love you, but despite the words, something doesn’t feel quite right? You shake it off. You tell yourself “nobody is perfect”, “it’s not that bad”, or “I’m being too sensitive or too picky”. They must love you, right?

  • Familiar roles in your personal or professional life no longer fit. Like wearing a shoe too small for your foot, you’re uncomfortable, dissatisfied, yet you’re not sure what to do or how to do it? What is your next step?

  • You’ve had a big loss and have some unresolved feelings about it?

  • You are in the middle of a major change in your life and are stuck, lost or overwhelmed? You’re looking for direction, but are not sure where to turn. Perhaps you need a little extra support?

  • You’ve done all the things you are ‘supposed’ to do, and you still feel something is missing. You feel a deep yearning that won’t go away.

  • You are busier than you would like to be, and have been for years or decades. There are strong cultural messages that tie your self-worth to your degree of busyness and productivity. Busyness can be worn as a badge of honor, and if you are not seen as busy enough, you may be judged negatively. Unnecessary busyness is prevalent today, as well as the associated consequences of burnout and exhaustion.

  • What would you do for the sheer pleasure of it, without having to justify anything, or to be seen as productive?

We are all impacted and influenced by cultural and family messages. It is important to see which messages we are following – the messages from others, or the messages from our deeper intelligence? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. I work with you to untangle the messages that are not serving you or your best interest.

Note: I am unable to work with people who have an active addiction or psychiatric condition. Please seek the help of a licensed professional or other appropriate care.

*I purposefully spell grateful ‘greatful’. 

“To work in the world is hard, to refrain from all unnecessary work is even harder”.

Sri Naraghatta Maharaj

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